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Live Play Bingo: New Update is Ready!

The new updated version of Live Play Bingo is live in the App Store now!

New Gifts

New amazing, animated HALLOWEEN gifts have arrived! Pumpkins, bats, and witches are here to make your game play spOOctacular!

Earn Bingo Credits

Now there are even more ways to get freebies when you run out of Bingo Credits. Watch an ad to continue playing the best Bingo ever!


Endless Daub Hint

Have you ever dreamt of a never-ending, always-on daub hints? Here they are! Now you can subscribe to get yours!

Improved Chat

Massive update of the chat where now you can:

Send messages or “thumbs up” directly to the chat without additional taps;

Swipe left on the screen to hide the chat and enjoy the show uninterrupted!

Improved Mini Game

You can now play the mini-game whenever you’re not in a bingo round.

Play the upgraded Slot machine which now features a 15x Mega Jackpot!

...and much MORE, so hurry to update now!


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